VR Simulation Platform

The simulation platform provides users with tools for the easy creation of virtual scenarios populated with 3D objects and agents. The platform includes a standard interface to communicate with external multi‐agent planning systems by providing data perceived by agents in the virtual world and receiving the actions decided by the planning modules. The platform is capable of providing 3D visualizations of the agents’ behaviors and interactions with the objects in the virtual world.

Integrative Framework for Computational Models of Emotions

Alzaid App

Alzaid App is a mobile application aimed at supporting healthcare professionals in Alzheimer’s day centers in the management of the patient’s information regarding vital signs, hygiene, nutrition, physiotherapy, and therapeutic intervention.

Alzaid Web

Alzaid Web is a data visualization and administration panel that offers healthcare professionals in day centers the tools to manage data about the patient’s daily record information (collected using the Alzaid App). This solution also provides users with administration tools to customize the Alzaid App. It is also a web tool designed to apply psychological inventories and scales online to informal caregivers. This tool facilitates the visualization, evaluation, and interpretation of the results to healthcare professionals.

Alzaid Dashboard

Alzaid dashboard facilitates the understanding of the progression of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, supports the decision-making of health professionals to determine the patient-group assignment according to the stage of the disease. The dashboard is fed by the data from Alzaid app.

Alzaid Inteligent Assistant

The Alzaid Intelligent Assistant, is a mobile application that provides elements of social support to informal caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, powered by a chatbot capable of providing information and answering questions about care strategies, illness and related topics, in a personalized way.